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Health in Action

Communities begins by collaborating with communities. Working in partnership with leading community organizations, we aim to foster environments that help families adopt lifelong healthy habits to help make the communities where we work and live thrive.

This is critically important as the WHO and other health authorities recognize the serious public health challenges related to childhood obesity.

Our Mondelēz International Foundation program, Health In Action, aims to grow a new generation of healthier young South Africans.

  • We are reaching approximately 120 000 learners in 116 disadvantaged schools in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.
  • Health In Action is a R37-million investment which was launched in October 2015.
  • The program focuses on nutrition education, access to fresh foods and active play.
  • We put fresh food, wellness and healthy activity levels into schools and onto the curriculum for learners.
  • The program is facilitated by INMED Partnerships for Children, in collaboration with the National Department of Education and Health; and leading SA universities.
  • It includes training for 252 food preparers at schools, focusing on nutritious and balanced meal planning, portion control, healthy food preparation and good hygiene practices.
  • Promoting access to fresh fruit and vegetables through food gardens; and fish and fresh produce through Aquaponics facilities.
  • Supplying participating schools with sport equipment together with a total of 30 Break Time Buddies - unemployed youth recruited and trained to lead and supervise fun playground activity and ward against bullying.